A Simple “Thank You” Goes a Long Way!

Thank_You When was the last time a business sent you a “thank you” card? Or just called to say “thanks” for being a customer?


A few months back?

Too far back to recall?

One thing I’ve learned and continue to learn is:

Staying in communication with your customers is crucial in today’s market place. A few good reasons are:

  • If you’re not staying in touch, then someone else is surely making an effort to do so.
  • People appreciate being acknowledged. Delivering a simple “thank you” is a great step in that direction.
  • It helps YOU to appreciate others. Kind of takes you out of the dog-eat-dog world and reminds you that helping others is what it’s all about.

Appreciating others is probably more virtuous than being appreciated.

Either way, a liberal use of “thank you” will most likely improve your scene.

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