Customer Retention Made REALLY Easy

Do you know what is staggering? The number of other companies (besides yours) that are making offers to your customers (and would-be customers). Some of these companies are in direct competition with you; some are simply competing for those spendable dollars your customers have available to them. Either way, know that your customers are being […] Read more »

Are You REALLY Listening?

There are a number of times during the workday that I find myself not really listening to someone. Even once is too many. But I must confess: each and every time I do not fully listen to someone, I am to some degree reducing the effectiveness of the workplace. Read more »

What’s So Special About You?

You’ll improve your marketing efforts by finding out what your existing clients think of you and your business. But I’d like to narrow that down even more. Consider asking your clients what do they really like about you. What do they find special about you? Every business owner should certainly know what their unique qualities […] Read more »

From Tom Peters: The Value of Silence

Now, the title of this post indicates it’s about the “value of silence.” And it is. But it’s not the title Tom gave. His title included the words “Shut up!” I would not have used that particular phrase as some folks may get the wrong idea. But the message in this very short video is […] Read more »

A Simple “Thank You” Goes a Long Way!

When was the last time a business sent you a "thank you" card? Or just called to say "thanks" for being a customer? Recently? A few months back? Too far back to recall? Read more »

The Lesson Behind Pressing “Zero” Several Times

From time to time, we’ve all had to call a variety of places to get a question answered about an account of ours or perhaps get some tech support, something along those lines. For me, with most of these calls, I was immediately presented with the automated: “If you need help with billing, press one. […] Read more »

Simple Ideas Often Have Powerful Results…

If you have the phone number of your customer (or patient, client, etc.) here’s a really  simple idea: When they leave your office or store after completing some service (or having purchased from you), have someone give them a call the next day. Your purpose for calling is to simply find out if they’re happy […] Read more »

Good Clients Versus Bad Clients…

Now that’s a bit of a strange title for a post. If a client is a client, then how could there be a “bad” client? Perhaps using the adjective “bad” is not quite appropriate, but when you have a client that makes unreasonable demands on your time, who rarely follows the advice you provide, complains […] Read more »

Customer Evangelism — When It Works, It Really Works!

A very interesting book: Creating Customer Evangelists: How Loyal Customers Become a Volunteer Sales Force tells us something we’ve known for awhile, but perhaps haven’t really taken full advantage of: “The marketing world has changed dramatically since the advent of the 21st century. Technology has leveled the playing field to make quality less of a […] Read more »

From Tom Peters – Short and Very Sweet

via Tom Peters has indeed located a powerful quote here. And great advice to make it a screen saver or get a laminated version of it for your wallet. In essence, use and abuse the living daylights out of this quote. Read more »