An Adobe Ad

This is all of 65 seconds. There is no business message here that I am trying to impart (although Adobe is). I just found it hilarious and decided to put it here for a bit of comic relief. Read more »

Do You Sell to Small Businesses?

If you do, check out this survey of small business owners.   Data and infographic by AWeber Read more »

One Minute’s Worth of Advice From Steve Jobs

One minute's worth of advice from Steve Jobs. Actually, only 46 seconds long. Read more »

The History of “Messaging”

Clicking on this image will take it to a page where you can expand its size, making it more readable. Read more »

They Called It: “Seven Minutes of Terror!”

Watch this clip of what had to be done to get the "Rover" successfully onto Mars. Thousands of things could have gone wrong, but a group of highly skilled earthlings pulled it off! Read more »

In the Words of John Wooden

Read more »

It Worked For Amazon — It Can For You

How Amazon's shipping plan — Amazon Prime — can give the business owner some ideas on how to keep folks coming back. Read more »

The Next Time You’re Asked What You Do For a Living…

This short video might help you with an answer.   Read more »

A New Bookmarking Tool

Who needs another bookmarking tool? This might be the most functional one ever.   Read more »

A Little Inspiration Can Go A Long Way…

This YouTube video was made known to me by a newsletter from a friend of mine over at Coachability. I figured it might just hit the spot for some of you. Read more »