Creating Offers Folks Can’t Refuse

Can you think of an offer your customers simply cannot refuse? Read more »

The Magic of Surveying Your Customers

If you take a little time and ask your customers what they really think, implementing what you discover can produce magical effects. Read more »

Hello and Welcome!

Stan Dubin here. What can you look forward to here? Simple, useable advice to make your business life easier, more productive and more enjoyable. You’ll find the tone here very conversational. My first business book, The Small Business Success Manual, was written in this way: light-hearted, practical, easy to understand. 9,500 copies later, I’m told I’ve helped […] Read more »

Free Internet Marketing Course

For me, some of the best information available on the subject of internet marketing and writing good content (whether for use online or offline) comes from the folks at Copyblogger. They put together a free course that draws from their best content over the last 6-7 years. This is seriously intelligent stuff. I highly recommend […] Read more »

How Can a “Visual Hammer” Help You?

If you're familiar with the "positioning" principle that Laura's father Al and Jack Trout put on the map some 20 plus years ago, you'll also want to read her article that found the "flaw" in the positioning concept. Read more »

New Credit Card Risks

New technology is potentially making our credit cards more liable to theft. Read more »

Social Media “Cheat Sheet”

Here’s a breakdown of how the main social media sites work and some advice on how to use them: Flowtown – Social Media Marketing Application Read more »

The 30 Day Challenge!

If you're interested in producing income online, consider doing "The 30 Day Challenge." This is a completely free course loaded with tools to help you succeed. I did it last year and it was VERY helpful. Almost all of the training is by way of short videos. Read more »

Managing Files Between Computers Is Now a LOT Easier

I have been using Dropbox for over a year. It has worked really well for me. I have a desktop computer in my office; I have a laptop that I use out of the office; and I’ve got an iPhone. The Dropbox allows me to have a set of my important files ON ALL THREE […] Read more »

Substituting Machines for People

As I type this, I’m on hold with Delta Airlines. When I first called, I simply wanted to talk to one of their reps and get a couple of fast questions answered about my travel plans. You’re given the option of speaking to a real person by saying the word “representative” into the phone, but […] Read more »