What’s the Deal With Employee Engagement?

I rarely comment critically on another business writer’s articles. But this one caught my eye today and I felt compelled to share it here. Steve Tobak writes on the Inc.com web site: Why Employee Engagement Is Not Important (Yes, Really) Employee engagement is all the rage these days. I’d even go as far as to […] Read more »

Producing Revenue From Unexpected Places

I’m sitting in my local Barnes and Nobles and tapping away at the keyboard. If you must know, I’m sipping on a Blackberry Soda. Quite delicious. I look up and see three people sitting at a table not far from me. They each brought several items from the store to their table. One brought a […] Read more »

Getting It Done From Above the Earth

What does the following video have to do with business success? These folks produced what they wanted with sheer will, courage and a healthy dose of expertise. Those same qualities are available to us in the business world, every second of the day. Read more »

Customer Retention Made REALLY Easy

Do you know what is staggering? The number of other companies (besides yours) that are making offers to your customers (and would-be customers). Some of these companies are in direct competition with you; some are simply competing for those spendable dollars your customers have available to them. Either way, know that your customers are being […] Read more »

Tim Tebow – Sports Illustrated Article

I just read this and I’m sure Sports Illustrated won’t mind publishing it here. It was written by Rick Reilly: I’ve come to believe in Tim Tebow, but not for what he does on a football field, which is still three parts Dr. Jekyll and two parts Mr. Hyde. No, I’ve come to believe in […] Read more »

Business Success and Flying the Grand Canyon

This video is breathtaking! Watch it full-screen if you can. The guy was determined to fly. He took care of all of the details of making that happen. And then he flew. Well, business success is right along those lines too. Enjoy! %CODE% Read more »

How Lynn Terry Created a Successful Business Online

2011 marked the beginning of Lynn Terry’s 15th year in business. She works from her home office full-time, while raising her two children in middle Tennessee. I interviewed her to find out what it took to produce a very successful business online. 1) When did you decide to start an online business? And what were […] Read more »

From Tom Peters: The Value of Silence

Now, the title of this post indicates it’s about the “value of silence.” And it is. But it’s not the title Tom gave. His title included the words “Shut up!” I would not have used that particular phrase as some folks may get the wrong idea. But the message in this very short video is […] Read more »