Swapping Your Service

Here’s an example of a city that has put together a “swapping service.” There are other names for this, but this video will give you a good idea of how this works.  Read more »

Are You Marketing to Teens?

If teenagers are an important part of your customer base and you are using email to reach them, this graphic will give you some good insights into this market. Read more »

What’s So Special About You?

You’ll improve your marketing efforts by finding out what your existing clients think of you and your business. But I’d like to narrow that down even more. Consider asking your clients what do they really like about you. What do they find special about you? Every business owner should certainly know what their unique qualities […] Read more »

From Tom Peters: The Value of Silence

Now, the title of this post indicates it’s about the “value of silence.” And it is. But it’s not the title Tom gave. His title included the words “Shut up!” I would not have used that particular phrase as some folks may get the wrong idea. But the message in this very short video is […] Read more »

Networking and Schmoozing

Guy Kawaski wrote an article entitled The Art of Schmoozing. Guy makes several excellent points including: “The key is to establish a relationship before you need it.” He considered the world’s best definition of schmoozing to be: “Discovering what you can do for someone else.” I could throw some more praise out there on Guy’s […] Read more »

When the Economy is Hurting, Do This More Than Any Other Thing…

When the economy is in rough shape, one of the primary considerations of business owners is to “cut back.” Cut back on expenses, cut back on staff, cut back in any way they can. I’m here to tell you one area you must not cut back on: Promotion! The key to doing well when the […] Read more »

A Simple “Thank You” Goes a Long Way!

When was the last time a business sent you a "thank you" card? Or just called to say "thanks" for being a customer? Recently? A few months back? Too far back to recall? Read more »

Simple Ideas Often Have Powerful Results…

If you have the phone number of your customer (or patient, client, etc.) here’s a really  simple idea: When they leave your office or store after completing some service (or having purchased from you), have someone give them a call the next day. Your purpose for calling is to simply find out if they’re happy […] Read more »

Good Clients Versus Bad Clients…

Now that’s a bit of a strange title for a post. If a client is a client, then how could there be a “bad” client? Perhaps using the adjective “bad” is not quite appropriate, but when you have a client that makes unreasonable demands on your time, who rarely follows the advice you provide, complains […] Read more »