Hidden Inflation?

I was shopping the other day and I was caught off guard by a container of Breyers Ice Cream. The price seemed similar to what I had remembered, but the SIZE of the container was strangely different.

The overall size was smaller but not in a way that was immediately obvious. The sides were angled inward.

Okay, fair enough, Breyers has done a good job of making their containers “optically” appear similar to the size we’re accustomed to. 

And then I noticed the very same thing with napkins. I like to buy the big package of 250 or 300 napkins at a time and lo and behold, the napkins were a bit smaller. Again, not in a way that we’d immediately recognize. Hmm. That was interesting.

Off to get a few frozen dinners. The same play. Smaller containers. But not too much smaller. If I had not made the earlier observations on the ice cream and the napkins, I most likely would not have noticed the size difference in the frozen dinner world.


Same thing.

What does it all mean? Is there a deep significance here? A conspiracy perhaps?

I just found it interesting that (some) manufacturers are finding ways to pass inflation on to us without our necessarily seeing it happen.

Next time you’re at the grocery store, look over the size of the items you’re buying. Think about the size of the product in terms of what you’re accustomed to getting.

Any comments you have on this are of course greatly appreciated!

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