It Worked For Amazon — It Can For You

Amazon has a very interesting shipping plan. You pay $79 up front and for an entire year you get free 2nd Day Air shipping on everything you buy from Amazon. Also part of this plan: if you wanted something right away, you could get it overnited for only $3.99.

I did the math and decided, yes, I buy enough items from Amazon over the course of a year to justify paying the $79. This way, I figured, I’d always be able to get something I ordered within 2 days (at no cost) or I could get it the next day for just a few bucks.

Well, I think Amazon also did the math, because their idea must’ve been that I would come back more often because I had this “free and fast shipping” method in place. And I did. I probably bought more at Amazon in the first two two months (of using Amazon Prime) than I had in any previous two month period.

Now they have also added thousands of movies that I can instantly stream to my computer. This service is free to Amazon Prime customers. I haven’t used it yet, but I figure I will at some point.

This simple idea could work for you. What could you offer an existing (or prospective) customer that would bring them back to you more and more?

Instead of coming out to clean someone’s rug once, offer them an annual plan that will reduce the cost (per cleaning) for them. Dolng this will also bring the cost down for you as you will not have to market/advertise to that individual to get his business. You’ve got it for a year.

Instead of scheduling a patient for a teeth cleaning 6 months from now, offer a year or even a two year plan.

Maybe you give your customers a little coupon book that gives them 10% off of any item and there’s 12 coupons in the book—one for each month of the year.

If it’s something that people know they’re going to do or need on any kind of a regular basis, then work out some kind of longer term plan with them. Your customers will win by saving money and you win by having steady, stable customers. All the time and money you normally spend on trying to get these customers to do more business with you…these resources can now be devoted to creating new business or to improving the quality of your delivery.

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