Managing Files Between Computers Is Now a LOT Easier

I have been using Dropbox for over a year. It has worked really well for me. I have a desktop computer in my office; I have a laptop that I use out of the office; and I’ve got an iPhone. The Dropbox allows me to have a set of my important files ON ALL THREE devices.

I may work on a file at my desktop. It automatically syncs this file to an online (and secure) location. I head out to meet a client with my laptop. There’s the file ready to go. I don’t have to transfer it over; I don’t have to make sure it’s the most current version. It’s just ready to go.

Same with my iPhone. All of the files in the Dropbox are accessible on my iPhone.

I recommend you get yourself a Dropbox account (free account) and see how it can help you manage your files.

Use this link and you (and I) will get an extra 250 Meg of storage.

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